Smart Email Suite

Overwhelmed by an avalanche of emails?

In a business environment where efficiency and customer satisfaction are essential, implementing our Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technology in your business presents itself as an innovative and highly beneficial solution.

Our NLU solution drastically reduces the manual workload; being able to automate responses to common queries and allowing your team to focus on solving the most complex and meaningful cases.

Automatic email classification, identification of recurring patterns, and prioritization of critical queries are just a few of the features that will improve the operational efficiency of the Customer Care area.

NLU implementation not only speeds up response time but also boosts accuracy and reduces human error when dealing with repetitive queries. By analyzing the sentiment and tone of emails, NLU provides deep insight into customer satisfaction, allowing you to identify opportunities for improvement and strengthen relationships with your customer base

Main Features

Natural Language Processing (NLU) is a field of artificial intelligence that focuses on the interaction between machines and human language 

Customers prefer email

For many customers, email is the preferred option.

However, reading each email, deciding which team should deal with it, and taking appropriate action is costly and not necessarily fast.

Email classification

Teams analyze every email one by one to decide what each email is about; they must understand the subject line of the message and read the body of the message.

Wouldn’t it be cheaper and faster to perform this task automatically and accurately?

Email management

Sorting emails is not enough, they may also require an immediate response, either by email, SMS, ChatBot, or Human-agent.

Discover our automated processes!

Advantages of using our NLU technology

Our NLU technology enables exceptional customer experience, even in times of high demand

Continuous Customer Care: Thanks to NLU-based chatbots and virtual assistants, companies can provide 24/7 customer care.

Customer Sentiment Analysis: NLU neural networks can analyze large volumes of online customer comments and reviews to understand customer sentiment towards a brand or product.

Scalability: This technology ensures that your company can grow without compromising service quality, and adapting to changing market needs.





Reduced Human Errors and Improved Customer Experience: By automating standard responses, the possibility of human error in responses to repetitive queries is reduced.

Continuous Learning: NLU neural networks can learn from past interactions, improving over time and adapting to changes in query patterns.

Increased Operational Efficiency: NLU implementation allows the company to perform more efficient operations, maximizing available resources and prioritizing queries according to their urgency and relevance.




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