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Unlocking the power of document data

Nuestra tecnología de procesamiento inteligente de IA aplica la IA para comprender sus documentos de forma rápida y sencilla. Mediante el uso de habilidades documentales predefinidas y técnicas de entrenamiento especifico, se logra tomar decisiones similares a las humanas independientemente de la estructura, tamaño o complejidad del documento.

Intelligent document automation, data mining, and predictive analytics provide new approaches to help companies gain greater control over business operations and find much easier ways to automate and improve processes and decision-making.

We apply intelligent techniques to document automation systems to give organizations complete visibility and control over their processes and the data that drives them. And all without the need for coding.

Our intelligent AI processing technology applies AI to understand your documents quickly and easily. Using pre-defined document skills and specific training techniques, it makes human-like decisions regardless of document structure, size, or complexity.

Main features

Natural Language Processing (NLU) is a field of artificial intelligence that focuses on the interaction between machines and human language

Know your business processes better

Before you can automate or improve your processes, you must understand them. AI provides the tools you need to fully understand your business processes and the data that drives them. This knowledge is what enables you to reduce operational costs and improve response times

Unleash the power of document data

According to Gartner, more than 80% of business processes are document-centric. Their content is the key, but most of it is locked up in documents. Using AI gives you the key to unlock that data and use it as a competitive advantage in your market

Maximize process efficiency and improve decision-making

AI tools provide detailed data on business processes that show where they are working and where time and money are being wasted. This information enables companies to refine process performance and optimize the use of resources as well as decision-making

Practical examples of the use of our technology

Neural networks are used in multiple applications thanks to their ability to learn complex patterns from data and perform specific tasks efficiently

Efficiency and time savings: We automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks related to document creation, processing, and management, freeing employees from unproductive tasks.

Error reduction: By automating processes, human errors are minimized. AI can verify and validate the accuracy of documents, leading to greater accuracy and consistency of information.

Personalization and adaptability: These types of systems can be adapted to create customized documents according to the individual needs of each client or user (emails, contracts, communications, etc.).

Efficient workflow management: AI in document automation optimizes workflows by directing documents to the right people at the right time, improving collaboration, and speeding up processes.

Information analysis and extraction: AI analyzes large volumes of documents quickly and accurately, extracting relevant data, trends, or patterns.

Regulatory compliance and security: Automation systems help ensure compliance with regulations and internal policies, reducing the risk of legal errors and ensuring data security and confidentiality.

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