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Intelligent architecture for optimal customer experience and improved teamwork

Usability and 100% graphical environment

Empower the people who know your business best with visual, drag-and-drop tools designed specifically for use by non-technical users.

Analytical models and machine learning

Integration of advanced models into the business flow using machine learning languages (native R and Python) with self-service capabilities for the Customer

Technology extendable to the entire customer lifecycle

Integrable and scalable technology allows a comprehensive view of the customer relationship. Consistent and homogeneous customer decisions.

Continuous evolution

The development and Innovation team is dedicated to constantly implementing best practices and new functionalities following the requests of our customers.

Fully Integrable

This technology easily integrates with both external and internal data sources and legacy systems, enabling a seamless, scalable, and efficient transition.


Stand out in your industry and get the most out of your business with our next-generation

Conversational AI Suite

Implement and optimize automatic customer interaction easily using our virtual assistants with artificial intelligence and business logic


Document AI Suite

Artificial Intelligence to process your documents on a mass scale. Perform in-depth analysis, categorize or search information through automated processes


Decision Automation Suite

Document and email data that you can store, analyze, search, and use to automate processes


Smart Email Suite

Classify and generate responses to incoming emails with precision and agility using NLU techniques enabling fast and accurate response


AI and Business Processes

Artificial Intelligence and business process optimization enable companies to adapt, grow, and thrive in the digital age.



Data generated globally by 2025 (zettabytes )


Spending on AI and cognitive systems by 2025 (USD Millions)


Global investment in digital transformation by 2025 (USD Millions)


Connected IoT devices worldwide by 2025 (Millions)


Extraordinary Experiences Lead to Exceptional Results
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  • Banking and Financial Services

    In recent years, finance has become increasingly interactive with next-generation data science and artificial intelligence.

  • Insurance Companies

    Changing through AI what used to be a policy-centric sector to a customer-centric one.

  • Travel and Hospitality

    Understand how artificial intelligence will affect the way we operate and serve customers to deliver the best customer experience.

industries algonew
  • Healthcare and Hospitals

    AI in healthcare as a means of streamlining administrative tasks and functions by adding intelligence and lowering costs.

  • Utilities and Telecommunications

    Companies will be able to cope with fluctuations in demand, adjust to supply chain disruptions, and adapt to changes.

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AI tools to improve business performance and customer experience

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Financial Inclusion: A Path to Equality?

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