Banking and Financial Services

Artificial intelligence has arrived in financial services

In the last decade, there has been a more than significant change in the way consumers perceive financial institutions. Today, users expect fast answers, aligned with their needs and, above all, personalized.

Under this new model, different opportunities are emerging to promote the development of the financial system and deepen its economic and social benefits.

These include financial inclusion, i.e. the greater incorporation of individuals into the financial system; the replacement of bureaucratic processes with more automatic processes; the reduction of transaction costs that, at the same time, allows digital banking to offer its products at a more competitive price; an approach based one hundred percent on the customer experience with an increase in customer loyalty, cost reduction and greater speed in the process of adapting services to the customer’s needs.

Our goal is to make available to the market technology, based on artificial intelligence, that seeks to improve and automate the delivery and use of financial services.

The aim is to help companies and users to better manage their financial operations, processes and lives through the use of intelligent software and algorithms.



Main uses of our intelligent technology in the industry

Our Machine Learning algorithms are integrated into the technology of financial services companies to improve the efficiency and experience of their customers

Faster and more accurate evaluation of potential customers, at a lower cost. helping institutions to distinguish between high-risk and non-risk customers and assign risk limits per customer accordingly. Algorithms analyze transaction histories and identify early signs of future problems.

Intelligent algorithms monitor structured and unstructured information for faster decision-making and transactions. Recommendations can be generated for the strongest portfolios, depending on the specific investor and their long-term goals. Intelligent systems and neural networks offer personalized financial advice by assessing income, essential recurring expenses, and spending habits to create optimized plans to meet goals.

Our artificial intelligence algorithms can verify data according to given parameters, review documents, and extract information from forms (applications, agreements, etc.) The use of automation and neural networks for high-frequency repetitive tasks reduces human error allowing financial institutions to refocus efforts on processes that require higher levels of creativity and human involvement.

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