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Artificial intelligence: a vital tool in diagnosis, treatment, and care

As we move forward in the information and technology age, expectations for neural networks in medicine are increasingly promising. These powerful machine learning tools are proving vital in diagnosis, treatment, and patient care.

AI is already being used to improve the speed and accuracy of disease diagnosis and detection, facilitate clinical care, drive drug research and development, and disease surveillance and outbreak response.

At the same time, AI empowers patients to have greater control over their healthcare and better understand their needs.

Our goal is to make available to the market technology that seeks to improve and automate the delivery and use of medical services.

The goal is to help companies and their consumers better manage their operations, processes, and lives through the use of specialized software and algorithms.

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Main uses of our technology in the industry

Integration of technology into companies’ offerings to improve their use and delivery to consumers



Neural networks are very useful in interacting with patients for things like consultations, information management, scheduling doctor appointments, sending test reports, medical appointment reminders, etc. Virtual nursing assistants can make an initial appointment, schedule a hospital visit, partially maintain medical records, report test results, and even perform health monitoring via mobile devices.

Using this type of technology can streamline medical workflow, automate routine processes, and reduce the cost of monitoring patient care in their medication intake or routines through the use of fitness wristbands and smartwatches.

The fact that each treatment is unique, that each person has a unique immunity, medical history, and current health status makes it possible, through the use of artificial intelligence, to achieve maximum treatment efficacy.

Artificial intelligence can study and analyze large amounts of data and make a decision that will take into account the available data on the patient’s condition and advise on their treatment options.

Another major problem in health care is fraud. Insurance fraud and inappropriate medical services are as detrimental to the industry as fake and poor clinical research. Artificial intelligence based on neural networks can help in the detection of fraudulent cases in the different links of the value chain.

Artificial intelligence based on neural networks can take over a significant part of the routine administrative work of classifying tests, transferring the necessary medical data to the appropriate healthcare professionals, automatically updating data in the patient record, sending notifications with test results, etc.

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