Narratives to interact and explain

Machines have their own languages

humans express reality in natural ways

algonew helps you covering the gap

Natural language generation image

For dashboards to narratives

Some of us prefer data visualisations while other are better at reading. But when the data is complex and rich in details everyone benefits from an expression of the data in human language.

Narratives are easy to share through the various digital channels we use today. A combination of feature selection and language generation produces the key insights contained in a combination of graphs, gauges and charts.

Deliver the data in human friendly ways

Imagine a big retailer or part manufacturer. For sure their databases are full of product descriptions in tabular form with all kind of specifications

Browsing through such vast mass of tabular data is very tiresome for humans. A Natural Language conversion of the data will help end users to grasp the features of the product much more easily

However, isn't that a huge endeavour? Not only preparing the textual descriptions for each and every product, but keeping up with specification changes, new products, new languages, etc.

This is where algonew can help you in automating text generation from tabular data. A consistent, productive process where we agree with you the kind of descriptions you intend to deliver.

Conversational user interfaces

For years human users have had to adapt themselves to the way computers operate. This has produced discomfort and sometimes rejections from the user base. Truth to be told, the evolution of technology has been closing the gap over the last decades with GUIs, icons, touchscreens and similar technologies

What if we turn the situation around? What if we make the computer communicate with us in our terms? That's the idea behind Conversational UIs which can be found materialised in chatbots and voice assistants, depending on the channel the dialog takes place, written or oral.

A full featured Conversational UI starts with Natural Language Understanding and typically adds voice technologies, machine learning and contextual awareness.