Advanced analytics

The unstoppable wave of Machine Learning

approaches to business problems

provides better decisioning

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The power of data

We listen to this story all the time. Data is the new oil. Data is the new gold. Data is the most important asset available.

The truth is that data is more abundant and accessible than ever. Internal databases, public sources, internet of things, unstructured information in the form of text, images and video define a scenario both rich and challenging.

At the same time the promise of better decisioning and management based of those data is still far from full materialisation. algonew wants to help you fill the gap.

The right methodology

There is a new plethora of Machine Learning algorithms that can either solve problems that were intractable before or improve existing solutions. The progress in computational resources has made these algorithms feasible.

Mastering new and old algorithms requires a mix of Data Science knowledge and autonomy to code the whole modelling cycle, from data preparation through modelling and implementation and solution monitoring.

But for us the most important characteristic for a practical Data Scientist is the ability to put the business problem first. And then to pick the right tool for the job, not the fanciest or the most likeable. The best one.

How to start

Pick a real business problem with measurable impact. Not the biggest one and certainly not the one that will involve all the organisation. Start smaller, let us help you deliver objective results and generate internal credibility.

Bear in mind that Advanced Analytics has to address a core business issue. Otherwise it risks becoming a brake more than a help.

The mix of our expertise with your knowledge of the business and of your data is the best recipe to get this first succesful result. Once completed, it will be easier to identify more areas of application and expand the rollout of the Advanced Analytics approach.